Facing Difference Friendship Campaign

Share Your Stories for the Facing Difference Friendship Campaign - You Might Win a Cool Day with Your Friend!

Opening your heart to someone who is different from you can be an act of bravery and generosity. Have you tried it? If so, we want to hear your stories and share them with the world!

Why? Because friendships across lines of difference are small acts of kindness and understanding that make our world a better place. Differences help define us, broaden our perspectives and help us to see the world through a more inclusive lens. And differences provide lots of reasons to celebrate!

Here’s how to participate:

U.S. students, ages 13-18, may submit their friendship stories between Friday, December 14, 2017 and Friday, February 23, 2018.

  1. Answer the application questions about an important friendship in your life. (If it helps to work on your responses before submitting them, download the questions.)
  2. Complete your responses, then click SUBMIT!

In February and March, we’ll pick a few winners. Winners will be announced publicly on a rolling basis, and all final winners will be notified via email by March 2, 2018.

Those who write the winning submissions will receive a $150 gift card to be shared with your friend for a cool day to celebrate your friendship! Day at the movies? Pizza for lunch? Attend a concert, cooking class or workshop? We’ve got you covered!

Here are a few more details about what you can expect:

  1. Now through February 23, 2018, we will review applications as they arrive and announce winners accordingly. See criteria for selection.
  2. All winners will also receive a consent form and media release that must be signed by a legal parent or guardian of EACH of the friends. Signed and returned forms are required to receive the gift card award.
  3. We hope our winning teams will consider sharing digital photos and a brief (100-300-word) summary that details their ultimate day of fun together. We will share it on our website and social media channels and continue to celebrate you and your friendship.

Read the official contest rules and criteria of a winning submission.

Download a printable flyer here to promote the Friendship Campaign to your students!

Contact info@studentsrebuild.org with questions, please.